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Wholesale Beverage Distribution

Beverage Distribution “SIXPAK” Software Solution

Data Power Solutions’ “SIXPAK” software is the most flexible and comprehensive on the market today. We have designed the “SIXPAK” system for ease of use and maximum functionality. The system is capable of handling beer, wine, spirits, and snack foods.


  • Designed to support any size wholesaler including multiple companies and warehouses
  • All sales reporting is available on an as needed basis, user defined, and available for an unlimited time period
  • "BROWSER BASED" capabilities
  • “Virtual Cooler” software is fully supported
  • SIXPAK supports pre sell, driver sell, and tel sell requirements
  • Interfacing to breweries and suppliers are fully compliant
  • All EDI documents are fully supported and available
  • “RF” (Remote Frequency) handheld devices are fully integrated for Inventory Control and Receiving of Product.
  • Data Power is an IBM, Fujitsu, and Symbol Business Partner
  • Data Power has over 30 years experience in the Wholesale Beverage Industry
  • We offer 24x7x365 telephone support as well as on line support from our iSeries (AS400)


  • Order Entry including Tel-Sell, Pre-Sell, Driver-Sell, and Handheld Interfaces
  • Discounting by item, market segment, customer, chain, etc…
  • Route Settlement
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Multiple company/warehouse Inventory Control and Purchasing
  • Comprehensive Sales Analysis
  • Sales Rep Quotas (graphical format)
  • Sales Rep and Drivers Commissions
  • Chain Store Reporting
  • Point of Sales
  • Cooperage Reporting
  • Accounts Payable and General Ledger
  • EDI
  • Interface to Budnet, Miller, Coors, Gallo, SRS, and other vendors as required

Whatever the requirement, Data Power has the experience, track record, and resources to provide a complete solution.

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The Distribution Accounting Software (DAS) focuses on increasing the efficiency of your personnel as well as improving customer service levels. Analysis of sales trends is available by product, product grouping, sales rep, customer, and customer grouping. Pricing and discounting is controlled down to the customer/item level. “RF” upc scanning technology is available from purchasing through order entry/invoicing, inventory control to shipping. the DAS software interfaces to the UPS shipping system. Powerful checks and balances are in place to maximize your cash flow, control  your credit management, and improve your bottom line.

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Job Shops
Data Power Solutions offers a Manufacturing/Job Shop application (with bar code capabilities) which is installed in a variety of industries. This software allows processing from order entry which can be data entered or acquired via EDI through the manufacturing process to final disposition of the product. Time and material costs are captured and archived for cost accounting and analysis purposes. Financials are intergraded into the software. The following illustrates the General Flow of the application:

  • Order is received and entered into computer
    • Order number/lot# becomes Shop Order#/lot#
  • Open Order Status report is printed and sent to expediters
  • Selected Orders are submitted to plant manager
  • Orders are selected for production and applicable IN STOCK inventory is allocated against inventory
  • Orders are selected and Process Sheet with bar codes is automatically printed
  • Machine loading-both finite and infinite are determined
  • Process Sheets are sent to plant for manufacture
  • Process Sheet follows routing sequence during manufacture:
    • At each operation, process sheet is scanned into computer
      • Scanned data is:
        • Shop Order Number
        • Lot Number
        • Sub Lot Number
        • Work Center Number
        • Employee Number
      • Start Date/Time; Finish Date/Time are automatically logged
      • Quantitie(s)-both Good and Bad(scrap) are inputted by user
  • Daily Production Log is available on demand/selective by date
  • Shop Order Inquiry is available on demand and selective by:
    • Date
    • Customer Number
    • Customer Alpha
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Shop Order Number
  • Shipped quantity is entered into computer and posted against finished goods inventory
    • On Hand is reduced by previous allocated quantity
    • Affidavits are electronically produced
  • All detail is archived for immediate analysis
  • Billing is electronically notified of shipments and invoices are generated and posted to Accounts Receivables

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Non - Profit
Data Power has supplied the YMCA’s with several solutions, including IBM iSeries
hardware to run applications. Data Power also is providing technical advice for
system performance, IBM subscription and hardware maintenance and system upgrades.
DPS also is developing a proposed ‘HATS’ browser application to enhance the current
iSeries ERP application.

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Public Sector
Data power Solutions (DPS) provides a complete solution for the Public Sector. DPS has been awarded the Public Sector Value Add certification by IBM. We offer a total hardware solution, software migration, and High Availability to both local and state governments.

Data Power Solutions has experience with several manufacturing companies. The staff at Data Power Solutions is well versed in all types of manufacturing from inventory control, MRP, DRP, costing, purchasing, order mangement, sales reporting and accounting.

Our team of ERP professionals can tailor our services to maximize your investment in information services. DPS personnel have several years of hands-on experience working with various ERP packages. Some of those packages include: JDEdwards, JBA, BPCS, PRMS, Infinium and Lawson, to list just a few.

Our senior level Project Managers possess the combined business, applications & technical skills to effectively manage an ERP project. Our management technique is based on practical experience not just an "off-the-shelf" methodology. We provide two key ingredients to get the job done right: many years of converting from and interfacing to other systems; and a detailed knowledge of ERP processing routines. Our experienced developers consistently conform to ERP development standards, always allowing for maximum flexibility while providing an easier upgrade path. DPS is also experienced in

implementing Premenos, Gentran, and other EDI protocols. DPS offers Bar Code integration as well as in house development services to accomplish any of your UPC or GTIN requirements.

Here is a sampling of the development technologies that we work with:


Operating Systems

Web Development









Cold Fusion









JAVA Script

Microsoft .NET



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