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The staff at Data Power Solutions is well versed in integrating Premenos, Gentran, and other EDI protocols.

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Data Power Solutions offers Bar Code integration as well as in-house development services to accomplish any of your UPC or GTIN requirements.

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Applications Consulting & Technical Integration

With a reputation for database design and analytical savvy combined with multi-platform support, DPS furnishes customers with realistic project deliverables, timely information and valuable consistency from initial requirements to final implementation.

DPS's team of applications consultants have extensive development and programming business experience. Our approach is straightforward; we solve business issues by capitalizing on the unique capabilities of technology, while avoiding the common mistakes made from inexperience. Our staff is well versed in providing customized improvements and integration particularly in the areas of:

  • Web Development
  • Web Content Management
  • Integrated Web processing
  • E-Commerce – Including real-time integration
  • Order Entry
  • Financials
  • Manufacturing Distribution
  • Distribution
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing systems
  • EDI

Here is a sampling of the development technologies that we work with:


Operating Systems

Web Development









Cold Fusion









JAVA Script

Microsoft .NET



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e-Business Solutions
E-business is an opportunity to change the way you interact with your customers. Empower your Web Site by taking advantage of what you already know. Keep your customer informed. Your web-site has to be as dynamic as your business.

These are some of the design items DPS build into our customer e-business solutions:

  • Define a consistent Corporate image for your web-site

  • Build a visual and functional user front end that focuses exclusively on providing an exceptional customer experience while providing company, service and product information

  • Welcome your customer by name. Show them you care enough about them to provide information pertinent only to them.

  • Have all the options your customer wants at their fingertips. Include company information, products, shipping policies, news, current events, contact information, order status, technical information, return policies, promotions/specials and ordering from history. Allow your customer to focus on the subject at hand rather than searching for information. Make ordering easy, simple and flexible. Everyone has a different way of shopping. Avoid confusion while providing several methods to shop. Group and categorize products, provide keyword searches, and order from catalog.

  • Ensure that your web-site is dynamic and up to date. Your web-site is only as good as the information it provides. Ever changing information like news, schedules, promotions and current events have to be easy to update without a technical degree. If not it will in time become a  burden and not get updated. Dynamic information regarding products, prices, inventory availability should be driven and extracted directly from your back office system.

  • Keep your customer informed. Provide e-mails for order confirmations, shipments with tracking numbers, links into your web-site and when you feel you have valuable information to share.

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ERP Package Services

Our team of ERP professionals can tailor the following services to maximize your investment in information services. DPS's personnel have several years of hands-on experience working with various ERP packages. Some of those packages include: JDEdwards, JBA, BPCS, PRMS, Infinium and Lawson, to list just a few.

Project Management

Our senior level Project Managers possess the combined business, applications & technical skills to effectively manage an ERP project. Our management technique is based on practical experience not just an "off-the-shelf" methodology.

iSeries Integration

Our project development team has developed several integration projects, including direct ordering from the web with real-time updates to the iSeries ERP database. Order inquires, shipping and tracking information, product information, sales reporting are some of the examples of these projects. Our staff use technologies such as Microsoft .Net and DreamWorks web development tools like Dream Weaver, Cold Fusion and Fireworks.

Coaching (Knowledge Transfer)

Our coaching services provide a one-on-one forum where an ERP professional will provide guidance, answers and solutions to many questions and problems typical of an ERP Implementation.

Conversion & Interface Development

We provide two key ingredients to get the job done right: many years of converting from and interfacing to other systems; and a detailed knowledge of ERP processing routines.

Custom Modifications

Our experienced developers consistently conform to ERP development standards, always allowing for maximum flexibility while providing an easier upgrade path.

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Data Power Solutions offers leasing alternatives for any of its sales or services. We utilize IBM Credit Corporation (ICC) as well as offering leasing options financed internally by Data Power. The following are 9 reasons to lease:

1. Flexibility
2. Matching expense with project return
3. Predictability of Cash Flow and earnings
4. Protects from obsolescence
5. More efficient use of Capital
6. Lower total cost of ownership
7. Self Liquidating risk
8. Eliminates lengthy capital approval delays
9. Simple administrative process

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